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Hartstrings Preschool Ideas
Nutrition Activities

Okay, here it is... the Nutrition page is bare but ready to be unvieled! I still have tons more ideas to come up with and I hope that others will add to it with me. remember, I'm only a point and a click away!


Fishing For Food
An activity that I tried that was really fun was Fishing for Food. I printed out some pictures of foods and laminated them. I then punched a hole in the top of them and inserted a paperclip in the hole. I made a large food pyramid and labled six baskets with each of the food groups. Then, I took a dowel rod and attached a string to it and put a magnet on the end of it. Each child would get to try to "catch" the food using the magnet rod. They would then try to classify the food by it's food group by putting it in the correct basket.

Dole 5 a Day Website
Dole Website
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Gary the Guinea Pig Felt Board Story
This is a really cute story about a guinea pig who gets a different colored food in his bowl each day. He is not sure if he can eat the different colors and tries them and finds out that they are tasty. This is a good story to get the children to eat different foods. I have included a lesson planning sheet and a copy of the story on the "click to download" button.

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USFDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
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Nutrition/Health Articles

Oral Health

Building a Healthy Plate
You will need a paper plate, scissors, glue, and some food magazines for each child. Have the children look through the food magazines to find healthy food to put on their plates. When they have a healthy meal together, let them glue it all on the plate and display them on the wall or bulletin board.

Need more lesson plans about nutrition?
Healthy Choices Website
Click on the bread for Healthy Choices Website

Food Pyramid Fun
Use an old vinyl tablecloth in a light color (Wal-Mart has new ones for $2.50) and draw a huge food pyramid on it. Use the food cards from the National Dairy Council or platic foods and empty containers and allow the children to separate them according to their place on the pyramid.

Cooking with Young Children Website
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Have some Nutrition Activity Ideas??

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