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Hartstrings Preschool Ideas
Teaching Resources


There aren't many sites out there that give us quality preschool activities. I must have searched through a hundred to find these! Here is a listing of those that I chose:

Lesson Plans and Thematic Unit Links
These links offer thematic lessons covering many topics

There are some great activities here. Send her 5 activities or ideas and recieve a years subscription FREE!
Includes provider resource materials, freebies, home day care help, forms and activities!
Literally has everything for teachers!
This site has activities and links that will blow your mind!
Tons of ideas submitted by teachers on numerous themes!
Lots of cool arts and crafts projects. Some of them are not open-ended so it takes some searching.
Forms that can be used in the classroom or in a daycare. There are also a lot of printables to organize portfolios, etc.
Lesson plans, e-books, and worksheets. They ask for a donation when downloading information to cover their costs.

Links to Early Childhood Sites dedicated to everything including Montessori and Head Start.
The name says it all!
Activity Idea Place Website
If you've been to Stormie's sight before, you know how great she is!
Everything for early childhood teachers
I enjoyed this site
Offers great nutrition information and thematic units
Barb's Little Dumplin's Site has some information for home day care providers
This site has a great preschool section!
Menu's, crafts, and links
I can't believe I never looked on this site before! There are templates for file folder games and felt board stories plus much more!


Literacy Links

This is a list of all of the literacy websites that I found. I will add more author sites soon.
Kindergarten Reading Readiness Site. Has resources for all ages.
Has good information that you could print out for parents at the end of the year.
Connects you to a ton of links dealing with the alphabet
Jan Brett's Web Page (she wrote "The Mitten"- one of my favorites!)
National Center for Family Literacy

Visit the Between the Lions Web site!

Semi-Commercial Websites
These websites are produced by for-profit companies and offer information and products to Early Childhood Teachers

Fred Rogers Website (Mr. Rogers):http://www.fci.org

Crayola Website: http://www.crayola.com

Gryphon House Website: http://www.gryphonhouse.com

Scholastic Website: http://teacher.scholastic.com/
Healthy Kids and American Baby Website: http://www.healthykids.com


Books! Books! Books!
I am pretty new at this so please follow the link and then search for the title of the book

Crisis Manual for Early Childhood Teachers


Informative Websites
The websites listed here are for informational purposes and may not include activities

UK based website with information about children under 5. Includes lesson ideas and good information (also has workshop listings for those in the UK)
Offers some really neat stuff to look through
Offer sample menus, activities, and links
Child Care Bulletin with informative articles and information

Discover REAL child care!